Calendar of the most important dates

06/03/1991 Notarial Deed of the establishment of the Company Turboservice Sp z o. o., main shareholders : Dresser-Rand B.V. and Lodz University of Technology
15/04/1991 The Company starts its activity in the rented premises of Villa Schweikert (Lodz, Wolczanska 213), 12 full-time employees
1993 The beginning of a partner cooperation with the company MASZ-ZAP Sp. z o. o. situated in Pulawy, Poland, to last over all following years
1994 Successful completion of the modernization of two large syngas turbocompressors (30MW) in METAFRAX, Gubakha, Russia
1994-1996 Employees of TURBOSERVICE and the University of Technology of Lodz conduct specialistic trainings for Dresser-Rand's customers in several countries
1995 TURBOSERVICE buys the historic Villa Allart (Lodz, Wroblewskiego 38) and makes it as its headquarters and office
1995 TURBOSERVICE initiates the cooperation of Dresser-Rand with ABB in the aim to make the two companies co-produce the boosters for the Yamal gas pipeline in Poland
1995-1996 TURBOSERVICE organizes a series of internships for the students of Lodz TU in the factories of Dresser-Rand in the USA and in France
1997 Dresser-Rand steps back from the Company, which operates later on as one with Polish shareholders only
2001 Modernization of two paper vacuum blowers in Frantschach Swiecie (currently known as Mondi S.A.), finished with success
2002 TURBOSERVICE organizes and finances the purchase of a TASC FLOW license for the Institute of Turbomachinery, Lodz TU.
2002 TURBOSERVICE concludes a long term agreement for the distribution in Poland of the products of the company ZOK International Ltd
2003 TURBOSERVICE sells the Villa Allart and buys a property which is now the headquarters and office of the Company (Lodz, Wroblewskiego 38A)
2003 Bankruptcy of an important shareholder of the Company : Turbotech Sp z o. o. in Plock, Poland
2004 After several successful and important modernizations realized over the past years for the JANIKOSODA Plant, the Company concludes a long term service agreement with that plant (currently part of the group CIECH S.A.)
27/10/2007 Professor Wladyslaw R. Gundlach, co-founder of the Company and long-standing President of the Company Board, founder of the Institute of Turbomachinery of Lodz TU, leaves us for the Eternal Rest
2009 Construction and start-up of the first small ORC Power Plant in Poland for the Szczecin University of Technology, finished with success
2010 TURBOSERVICE nominated for the award of the Mayor of Lodz for an innovative product (ORC Plant)
20/05/2011 TURBOSERVICE celebrates its 20-year anniversary with its friends - former and current employees of the Company