At-site installation and start-up, guarantee and post-guarantee services

On the basis of the contract settlements the compressors can be installed at the customer site including incorporation of the auxiliaries and control systems into the existing schemes. The compressors are then run for fulfilment of the applicable mechanical and technology tests. Within that process, customer maintenance personnel is trained on the basis of the supplied operation manuals.

In line with the TURBOSERVICE guarantee conditions the customer maintenance personnel can be supervised and supported in case of problems encountered during the initial period of the compressor adjustment to any specific requirements imposed by the process line for which the compressor is provided.

Also, upon separate contracts, TURBOSERVICE offers its post-guarantee services. On the basis of the diagnostic procedures the customer can be provided with the appropriate service and repair recommendations, whereby the actual works can be executed during periods that are suitable for the customer.
TURBOSERVICE offers a complete supply of the machines, which covers :

  • complete installation of the compressor at its destination, including the installation project and supply of the pipe fittings,
  • cooling system design, supply and assembly, including control equipment,
  • design, supply and assembly of the compressor main control system based on PLC controllers,
  • design, supply and assembly of the acoustic and thermal protection systems.