Modernization of the diffuser and guide vane units of a soda gas compressor, Soda Plant, Sterlitamak, Russia.

The scope of the work and basic technical data of the units made by Turboservice were as follows :

  1. The technical documentation necessary for seven types of stationary cast units of individual compressor stages was prepared. The units incorporated internal water cooling systems as part of their complex gas flow path shape.
  2. Basic dimensions of the units : outer diameter 1300mm, width 250mm, weight 1150kg.
    Geometry of the guide vanes and diffusers has been adjusted to the existing body. Sealings of the gas and water flow systems were improved by tight fittings of the units into the compressor case.
  3. Due to an aggressive environment the units have been made of an alloy cast iron that is resistant to stress corrosion and erosion.
  4. Addition the technology of casting has ensured very good surface quality, without need for additional machining.
Guide vane units