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Important dates in the company's history

With the aim to commercially implement modern turbocompressor technologies, the State-owned Technical University of Lodz founded the TURBOSERVICE Company in 1991.

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Turbomachinery Institute Lodz

The professional background of the Company was based on the 6D68 and 1098 type air turbocompressors that were under development at the Institute of Turbomachinery, TU Lodz, since the middle of the last century and were produced in Poland from 1965 to 1989.
A number of those turbocompressors still work in the domestic coal mine and power generation sectors. Remarkable technology advancement was next implemented in the vacuum blower series designed for the paper production industry. Those machines, produced first in 1973 and then in the second half of 1980 decade were fully modernized in 2000-2001.

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During recent years, TURBOSERVICE's involvement in the compressor technology was mainly oriented towards process gas compressors.
Turn-key modernizations of e.g. chlorine, carbon dioxide or syngas turbocompressors were completed, whereby the original performance parameters were adjusted according to the new user requirements (e.g. increase or decrease in the nomical capacity of up to +20% or -50%, respectively, increase in the pressure ratio, application for compression of a different gas, etc.). In each modernization case, modern impeller manufacturing technologies and new materials were implemented.

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