Representation in Poland of ZOK International Ltd for their
gas turbine compressor cleaners

ZOK Products

ZOK International manufactures and distributes globally turbine, engine and compressor cleaner solutions for gas turbine compressors. ZOK products are bio-degradable and meet the requirements for aquatic toxicity.

TURBOSERVICE distributes ZOK's products on the Polish territory.

ZOK 27® and ZOK mx® Gold Standard
ZOK 27 - ZOK's original product, a concentrated, neutral, environmentally friendly, biodegradable, water-based detergent cleaning fluid for cleaning and corrosion inhibition of gas turbine compressors. ZOK 27 GOLD - ZOK GOLD products are ultra-refined versions of ZOK 27 and ZOK mx, providing major benefits such as reduced ash and OSPAR (Oslo and Paris Convention) compliance.
ZOK mx - A concentrated, water-based, non-flammable, environmentally friendly, biodegradable fluid. Specifically developed for heavy-duty cleaning of gas turbine compressors. (More aggressive surfactant than ZOK 27, providing enhanced cleaning efficiency). ZOK mx GOLD - Same quality of ZOK 27 GOLD but has a more aggressive surfactant which results in enhanced cleaning efficiency.
Gas turbine compressor cleaning process: